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Welcome to Cavalier Condiments.
Cavalier Condiments make fine wholegrain mustards in traditional and unusual flavours. We also make shortbread and gluten-free tea-time treats.

Cavalier Condiments is a small, home-based business started by Kate Hughes in 2006 and located in Coventry.

We produce wholegrain mustards in a variety of flavours. Most of the ingredients come from wholefood suppliers and local producers.

They contain no artificial colorants, flavourings, preservatives or salt, and all except Real Ale are gluten-free. Many of the 14 flavours currently available are exclusive to Cavalier Condiments.


There are many more ways of using mustard than simply putting a dollop on the side of your plate. Click on Recipes to find out more.
Cavalier Condiments also make delicious Butter Shortbread and bags of Gluten-free Treats, safe for coeliacs
And if you were looking for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel websites and got here by mistake, or are a mustard lover who is also owned by a Cavalier, we have a special section for you: click on Cavaliers.
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